12. August 2017

After Wedding on Thassos


Love is sweet. And so are they.

We met for an after wedding session in July. Spontaneous and without any detailed plans. I asked them, what they envisoned and they just told me to do my thing. That´s my kind of people!

The only thing that scared me a bit, was the location the bride chose. Not only did they chose the surroundings of the church they got married in, but also the brides favourite place on the island. This place was affected by the fire that burned down a huge part of Thassos last year. Charred trees and ashes are owning this place and I didn´t know if we would be able to include this scenery into our session. But I was all into the idea as I am in love with the place myself. Making our way down to the sea we noticed, that there were new trees growing. Tiny still, but healthy and strong. Little green dots on a layer of grey ashes. Amazing what nature is capable of. Discovering that made this session even better. And on top of that, we found the most beautiful light & an empty beach. Nothing more I could have wished for.

M & D – thank you so much! For being you, the coffee and the ride back. It was a pleasure. Lisa




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