22. July 2015

Thassian Souls | Inselseelen

Fernsucht & Heimweh

Sometimes I don´t have the right words to explain what I want to say. Or my head is filled with a thousand words and they don´t come out in order. Or I start telling a story from the end and not its beginning. This happens when I am emotional. Or passionate.

I wanna do it right this time and tell you everything. In order. From the beginning until the end. Because it´s important. You all know, that Greece is home for me. I spend countless holiday in this beautiful country, I´ve seen sunrises, ate delicious food, dived in turquoise water until my skin was wrinkled. I met the most charming people, bonded with them, enjoyed their generosity, their friendship, their helpfulness. I ran into open arms and open houses. I´ve made friends there. Something I´ve never imagined in my life. It could have happened in any other country of the world. But it happened in Greece. This country and its people are a true blessing for me.

Despite all the beautiful things i have experienced, I see the naked truth. For the last years Greece has been in trouble. And it will be for a decade more. This – me writing – is not about guilt. It´s not about right or wrong. It is about people. My friends. I want you to get to know them. Even if it´s just a glimpse you can take. Come with me and follow me into their world. Maybe you fall in love. Make new friends. If so, I would be happy. If not, that´s ok, too.

So stay tuned if you want to meet new people and hear their stories. I´ll keep you updated.


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