14. July 2015

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Fernsucht & Heimweh

Do you see what I see? I bet you don´t. What we see when we are looking at something or at someone is always affected by something. It´s never only our eyes seeing. It´s our heart. Our experiences. It´s our emotions covering an Image with the most beautiful color, love or pain.

This Image, this view, is peace for me. I see my childhood and my teenage years in it. What you don´t see is me, sitting on a chair next to the window watching the days go by. You can´t hear the sound of the sea, you don´t feel the wind blowing through the curtains and you do not smell the food, that´s being prepared in the kitchen. Or do you? Can you imagine how good laundry can smell, when it´s hanging by the sea? Or how sheltered you can feel, when you show up at sunrise in a tiny little kitchen where a hot coffee and a heart warming smile is waiting for you? You´ve never heard these honest, loving & caring words I´ve heard before I left at night to meet with friends, never been touched by this hand, that slowly gets older, softer and even more gentle. But I did.

This Image, this view, is bonded to my greek Grandmother. And when I look at it, I see her. It is her.

Unbelievable how much an Image can tell, when you know the story behind. And to make you see what I see, there are a few more Images. From behind the view. Right out of my heart.

2015-07-14_0001 2015-07-14_0008 2015-07-14_0007 2015-07-14_0009 2015-07-14_0010 2015-07-14_0006 2015-07-14_0011 2015-07-14_0012 2015-07-14_0013 2015-07-14_0014 2015-07-14_0015 2015-07-14_0002 2015-07-14_0003 2015-07-14_0004 2015-07-14_0005

Schlinchen : 13:40 July 15, 2015 Reply
Ach Lisa - mir gefallen die Geschichten, die du mit deinen Bildern erzählst! Fühle mich sehr mitgenommen... Drück dich.
    Fräulein Stern : 14:40 July 15, 2015 Reply
    Danke, liebes Schlinchen. Ich freue mich, wenn ich Dich mitnehmen konnte. Komm, wir trinken einen Kaffee in der Küche :-)
Natalie : 14:37 July 15, 2015 Reply
nice! pictures leave so much open to our imagination
    Fräulein Stern : 14:41 July 15, 2015 Reply
    So true!
Nadine : 13:41 July 18, 2015 Reply
Zauberhaft <3
    Fräulein Stern : 10:48 July 25, 2015 Reply
    Merci! <3
Nadine : 21:57 July 23, 2015 Reply
Ach wie gut gibt es Herzensmenschen UND Herzensplätze, ohne sie wäre das Leben trist und einsam... Sehr schön und berührend deine Bilder! :-* aus Basel
    Fräulein Stern : 10:47 July 25, 2015 Reply
    Danke, liebe Nadine! Herzensmenschen sind wichtig und wie froh können wir sein, dass wir welche haben. Fühl Dich gedrückt!
tim : 21:44 November 6, 2015 Reply
your articles are like a medicine... please publish more frequently.
    Fräulein Stern : 12:59 November 29, 2015 Reply
    Thank you Timur.

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