25. July 2015


Fernsucht & Heimweh

2015 started busy and emotional. Knowing that my Mum would get retired soon, leaving her medical pratice behind, starting a new, not known chapter of her life, scared me somehow. It left me sleepless at night, got me teared up countless times and made me eat chocolate instead of having a proper breakfast. My Mum stopping to work meant, that I would lose my job, too – as we were working together for the last three years. Fulltime. Hand in hand. Side by side. Something I´ve never imagined would work. But it did.

With these ambivalent feelings – being happy for my Mum, feeling pity for myself – I needed a break. A little downtime. The Eastern Sea is a perfect place to clear you mind. To breathe. Relax. Calm down. In wintertime even more than in Summer. I love the salty mist, which covers you all over, and the tousled hair after a long walk at the beach. And when you´re chilled to the bone, a hot fish soup and a glass of ginger liqueur will help. Not only against the cold, but to let your soul rest.

And because calming down is much easier while shooting analog, I took some Images on film. With a film that was almost 10 years expired. Not perfect, but nice.

Dev & Scan | MeinFilmLab | Canon AE1

2015-07-25_0018 2015-07-25_0010 2015-07-25_0017 2015-07-25_0019 2015-07-25_0020 2015-07-25_0021 2015-07-25_0002 2015-07-25_0003 2015-07-25_0004 2015-07-25_0005 2015-07-25_0016 2015-07-25_0015 2015-07-25_0013 2015-07-25_0006 2015-07-25_0007 2015-07-25_0008 2015-07-25_0009 2015-07-25_0011 2015-07-25_0014 2015-07-25_0012 2015-07-25_0001

Schlinchen : 21:40 July 26, 2015 Reply
Meer + analog + dein Auge & deine Gedanken = wunderschön!
    Fräulein Stern : 09:03 July 28, 2015 Reply
    Vielen Dank! Ich freue mich, dass Du mir so treu folgst und fast kann ich erahnen, welchen Beitrag Du kommentieren wirst :-) Auf bald, Lisa

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