This is me

Can´t live without: Berlin, driving car at night, music, Nutella with feta cheese & Greece.

I am Lisa. I am a daughter, a child of the eighties, a nurse & a photographer. I am a daydreamer & a realist. I feel most comfortable by the sea though nothing can replace the view from a mountaintop.

I am a coffee addict and am always in for a chilled beer after work. My heart beats for Greece and I love salt on my skin. I believe you can never go wrong with green & gold. Home is where my friends are.

My first love were horses. I was addicted to their scent and the touch of their nostrils. I loved to take their pictures. Details – out of focus. In my teenage years I didn´t feel comfortable in Berlin and my love and desire for greece grew bigger. Together with my mum we made a home there. After a year abroad it was time to focus reality. I chose sanity over dreams and became a nurse. Something I´ve never wanted. Luckily this turned out to be the best lesson and decision of my life. From the very first day I´ve walked into the hospital as a student it felt right. I was – and sometimes still am – a good nurse. As a nurse working with people I had a lot of knowledge but I also learned that knowledge means nothing without intuition. You have to really look at the one person in front of you – not scared to ask, listen and interact. You have to be aware of the right moment, read between the lines and be willing to give your all. Do it right, or don’t do it at all. I still don´t know how it happened but during my time as nurse my passion for photography grew bigger and bigger. I went from furry details to real humans and today I still do what I love with all my heart, intuition and a lot of knowledge. I am not scared to step a little closer and truly look at the one in front of my camera. I love to hear their stories, witness love and be a part of life changing events.

That`s how I became the woman behind the camera and the one by your side at your wedding day. I love emotions – tears, laughter, joy – and I am here to capture yours. I will document your day as a discreet witness in the background and I will never be the center of attention. I won´t put you in poses but document your day as it unfolds naturally. I believe that one single image can tell e v e r y t h i n g. It can bring you back to a certain day, a special moment, an indescribable feeling. An image can tell you a story and give you goosebumbs. It can be a part of your history that you might want to share and preserve. I love to create memories & capture moments.


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